Platform: Android
Languages: English/Spanish
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What is Arrow Defense?
Arrow Defense is a project for "Design and Developent of Web Games" subject, and the result was exported to Android.
In the game, you are under siege in your castle, and the enemy is shooting lots of arrows. You need to protect yourself surviving the attack or counterattacking with the same weapon, the arrows.

Tap the arrows on the screen to break them, and do it in the bottom panel to collect (obtaining twice the normal points) and make combos to counterattack.

Level types
There are three level types, all sharing the same mechanic but changing the victory conditions.

- Time levels: Survive until time runs out. You can break, collect and make combos with the arrows to obtain a high score.
- Life levels: Attack your enemy with combos to make them retreat (until the next level!). Each combo will decrease the enemy life points.
- Combo levels: For some reason, you can only win this battle (not the war) making specific combos with the enemy arrows.

Arrows and Combos
Six different type of arrows will fall from the sky, sent by your enemy.
- Normal: The most common arrow, without anything special.
- Fire: Burning arrow.
- Ice: Frozen arrow.
- Lightning: Arrow charged with electricity.
- Quick: An arrow that falls faster than any other one.
- Plant: Wooden arrow with some plant growing from it.

One of the planned featured was to include special effects caused by the specal arrows (both beneficial and harmful) to the field and soldiers. This is planned to be implemented on the furure.

As mentioned before, touching the arrows in the bottom panel will collect them, allowing to make some combos. All are combinations of two or three specific arrows:

- Quick attack: 2 Normal + 1 Quick.
- Fire attack: 2 Normal + 1 Fire.
- Ice-Fire attack: 1 Fire + 1 Ice.
- Lightning attack: 1 Lightning + 1 Quick.
- Lightning-Fire attack: 1 Lightning + 1 Fire.

PS: The combos are not shown on the screen! Sorry about that! D:

Your soldiers
You have some soldiers placed your wall. They can be moved on their platform horizontally.
There are three armored soldiers:
- Not armored soldier: He will die if some arrow touch him.
- Iron armored soldier: He will resist two normal arrows.
- Fire resistant armored soldier: It will resist three normal arrows. In addition, he has immunity to the fire arrows.

- Touch: Select options or level

- Touch arrow: Destroy or collect it.
- Drag soldier: Move selected soldier through his platform.

- Fran Sánchez Rodrigo: Lead Programmer (Gameplay programmer)
- Álvaro Delgado Ramos: Game Design & Programmer (Menus and interfaces programmer and designer)

Tools used
- Flash Develop

For some reason, the game (a Flash file exported to Android with AIR), is not closing when pressing home or back, if this happens in your mobile, kill it in your recent apps list.