Platform: PC
Languages: Spanish
Download Installer [EXE]

What is Griddle?
Griddle is a puzzle game made for the "Software Engineering" subject.
You should fill the cells of the board with the help of the numbers at the top and left sides to discover a hidden picture.

Game modes
Griddle has three game modes:

- Normal mode: Every mistake substracts a life. When your lifes reaches zero, you can't continue solving the current Griddle and you will have to try again.
- Free mode: The errors aren't taken into account and the Griddle is considered resolved only when all the correct cells are marked.
- Bomb mode: This mode is similar to the Normal one, but some cells will be unmarked randomly in an area on each mistake.

- Left click: Select option/Griddle.

Resolving Griddle:
- Left click: Moves the board, marks cells.
- "+" key: Zoom in.
- "-" key: Zoom out.

- Fran Sánchez Rodrigo: Lead Programmer (Gameplay and selection menu)
- Álvaro Delgado Ramos: Game and puzzle design & Programmer
- Jaime Lara Mora: Testing & Puzzle design

Tools used
- Visual Studio
- cocos-2d-x (C++)