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Multiplayer environment (Summary)
This document the technical proposal for the implementation of a multiplayer environment of a Shooter video game.

Will proceed with the creation of a database and implementing a server application that will communicates with the game client (made with Unity3d). In addition, the necessary infrastructure for the management and creation of user accounts will be created through a website. The video game will use the mechanics and other elements developed by other partners. The database will be created with PostgreSQL and the server with a C# console application.

In addition to the multiplayer system and their game modes, a maze generator will be created, that will take part on the design of one of the maps that will be used in the matches.

To evaluate the proper functioning of the game and the infrastructure, tests will be done with multiple, simultaneous, clients.

You should fill the cells of the board with the help of the numbers at the top and left sides to discover a hidden picture.

Project context
- Database: stores user accounts and game statistics.
- Webpage: allows the users to create new accounts and manage the existent ones.
- Server app: bridge between the clients and the database. Everything that a client needs from the database should be asked to the server.
- Game Launcher: a simple application that helps to maintain the final game client up to date.
- Game Client: video game demo created with Unity3D that uses the other developed tools in addition to UNet to create a multiplayer mode.

Tools used
- PostgreSQL and pgAdmin III
- Visual Studio Community 2015 (C#)
- Unity3D
- Other with less relevance (check memory chapter 3 section 5).